Is it Good to Apply Ice on Face Daily?

According to several people, applying ice on your face daily could reduce acne, acne scars, and puffy eyes. The practice has become so popular that it has been renamed cold therapy. Other benefits linked to applying ice on the face, include the following:

  • Increasing the rate of soft tissue healing.
  • Reducing nerve activity which reduces chronic pain.
  • Reducing blood flow, hence less swelling.

We cannot overlook other benefits of ice on the face, which include:

  • Soothing sunburns
  • Eliminating puffiness around the eyes
  • Making the skin glow
  • Eliminating signs of aging such as the development of wrinkles
  • Reducing acnes
  • Suppressing inflammation and swelling, which could result in rashes.

However, we cannot substantiate the claims since there is no definitive evidence to support them.

What are the health benefits of applying ice on the face?

The following are the significant benefits associated with ice when it is applied on the face:

Management of acne

Skin icing slows down the rate of inflammation. Besides, the icing causes the pores to produce less oil, which is the main contributing factor to acne. It is advisable to use just one icing at a time is hygienic and prevents the spread of harmful bacteria to other parts of the body.

Prevents puffy eyes

Pressing icing on your eyes can reduce puffiness in your eyes. If you wake up with puffy eyes every morning, you should try out the ice facials.  

Reasons why ice facials are popular

  • They do not contain chemicals and therefore is safe to use.
  • It is relatively affordable compared to other facials.
  • There is some evidence to support the anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • Applying it on the face is easy.

Sophisticated ice facials

When people hear of ice facial, the first thing to click on their mind is frozen water, which is false. The new ice facials include:

1.     Green tea ice

You can infuse green tea into ice facials is vital in the management of face conditions. The anti-inflammatory properties of ice with the anti-bacterial properties of the green tea make this ice facial.

2.     Aloe ice

Aloe ice is made from frozen aloe vera. Aloe vera contains several nutrients that improve skin health.

There are several ice facials in the market that you can use during the removal of acne scars. They include Australian Gold Aloe, Panama Jack Green Ice gel, and SoltreeBundle Korean gel.

The benefits of using ice facials outweigh the risks and should be in your bucket list of facial gels. Try them out for a masculine, smooth skin today.