How do you Kill Pimples?

Fighting pimples completely is not easy, given that every person has a unique body and might therefore react negatively to the treatment options. However, following the following precautionary measures might help you to eliminate them completely:

1.     Using acne spot treatment

There are several treatments to ensure that acne and other pimples on the skin vanish completely. The treatment plans contain antibacterial properties. These treatments also unclog and exfoliate the skin pores, reducing the risk of developing pimples. When looking for acne spot treatment, you should choose ones with benzoyl peroxide. There are several acne spot treatment products in the market that you can use. They include Facial Cleanser by Differin, Proactiv Deep Cleansing Face Wash, and Solimo Daily Acne Cleanser.

Using these products is a sure way to kill pimples within the shortest time possible.

2.     Using the Cortisone treatment

Cortisone is one of the most sophisticated treatment formulas to kill pimples. Cortisone is mainly anti-inflammatory, which means you get instant results. When you get a shot of the cortisone, it diffuses the inflammation-causing properties, leaving the skin glowing with zero blemishes.

Only a dermatologist can administer the cortisone shot to you, given its complexity in dosages.

3.     Using less makeup

Although makeup makes us more confident, we cannot overlook the dangers that they pose to our bodies. If you must use makeup, you should settle for water-based ones since they bring fewer effects. Another solution is to skip make up for a few days, especially when you are indoors. 

4.     Getting medication

Pimples might become a great challenge, making it hard to treat with home-based routines and formulas. In this case, you should visit a dermatologist to assess the condition and administer the right medication. The dermatologist might decide to administer hormonal medications or oral antibiotics.

5.     Light therapy

You can also kill mild pimples by opting for light therapy at home. This involves the use of red light to suppress inflammation and activate the production of collagen by the dermis. It is considered the most effective method of keeping the skin well-toned.  

6.     Washing face regularly

A clean face seldom attracts harmful bacteria. It repels oil from the skin and dust, creating an unfavourable environment for pimples to thrive. You can use a face towel soaked in antibacterial soap to protect your skin against pimples.

A thumb's rule is to ensure that all the procedures you undertake cannot trigger an outbreak of pimples. The products mentioned above are also healthy, with almost zero side effects. It is time to showcase your smooth face and walk tall.