How do men take care of their skin?

There is no doubt that most men do not mind when it comes to taking care of their skin. A study by the NPD Group shows that only one-quarter of men use skin products. However, this might be why their skin does not glow and may even make them look older.

 Even though you do not need to undergo many skincare rituals that women do, you can use some skincare products for men to nourish your skin. Below are some of the skincare products that can make your skin better.

1.     Bio-Oil Skincare Oil


While shaving, you may end up with unpleasant face scars. However, this should not be an issue anymore. Bio-oil eliminates all face scars thanks to its ability to rejuvenate the scar tissue.

This oil has ingredients that serve as a remedy on your damaged skin. It is an ointment from all skin types and can bring noticeable results when you apply it regularly. With both Vitamin A and E, it moisturizes the skin when you apply a few drops and gently rubs it.

2.     The Classic Maintenance Collection for Men


If your skin is oily, you need the Classic Maintenance ointment to sort out your skincare issues. This is a great skincare product that not only exfoliates the skin but also renews and hydrates it. It comes with an exfoliating rub, charcoal cleanser, and moisturizing rub. You can utilize the Lumin’s Charcoal Cleanser to unclog your skin pores after a long day.

3.  Bulldog men’s Skincare and Grooming Expert Skincare Set


The Bulldog Men’s Skin Care product comes with a Face Wash, Shave Gel, Face Scrub, Facial moisturizer, and a Shave Gel. Bulldog is a safe and excellent skin product that has carefully selected manmade ingredients to offer excellent results.

With these ingredients, be sure to get a smooth and moisturized skin. There are no worries of adverse side effects since it doesn’t contain ingredients from animal sources or artificial colors.

4.     Face Moisturizer for Men, Lightweight Daily Face Lotion for men


Say goodbye to premature wrinkles with the Face Moisturizer for Men, Lightweight Daily Face Lotion. It’s formulated with Par-Elastyl and Pro-Retinol which are ingredients that fight sagging and wrinkles.

This is a lightweight face lotion with excellent moisturizing properties.  It is a moisturizer from the L’Oreal Paris Skincare that offers Sunscreen protection and has anti-aging properties. Face moisturizer for Men also ensures that you don’t get irritation after shaving.


Your journey to a soft and glowing skin shouldn’t be a challenge anymore. It’s about the skincare products you choose. The above recommendations could help you have better skin.