How can I get rid of Acne Overnight at Home?

The thought of braving day to day activities with acne can be traumatizing, outright disgusting. The more you squeeze them, the more they dominate your face. It becomes even more challenging, mostly when you are operating on a tight budget. If these scenarios reflect you, we have a solution for you; home-based formulas to help you fight acne at home. Let's discuss them. 

1.     Green tea

Green tea is a hub of anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. You only need to boil the tea and let it cool before placing it on the pimples. You can let it stay on the spots overnight for better results. The tea contains anti-inflammatory features that reduce swelling. If you get hypersensitive pimples, you should try out the green tea procedure.

2.     Aspirin

For a long time, aspirin has been used to manage chronic pain. But do you know that crushing aspirin, mixing it with water, and applying it directly to the pimples can heal them overnight? Aspirin contains anti-inflammatory features that can keep the skin spotless clean.

3.     Aloe vera

Aloe vera is known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. The good thing with aloe vera is that it is easy to prepare and is also highly effective. Cut a piece of Aloe vera leaf and apply the gel directly on the skin and leave it overnight. Repeat the process for several days to obtain optimal benefits. 

4.     Ice

Ice is renowned for reducing the size of skin pores, which contribute to the development of acne. You should place the ice on a piece of cloth and massage it gently on the skin. The ice reduces swelling, which is common in people with acne.

5.     Honey

A spoonful of honey contains high levels of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. You only need to apply a few drops of honey and wash it off the following day.

6.     Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil contains antibacterial properties. You only need to dilute the oil in a carrier oil then apply it on the pimples. The nutrients penetrate the skin to suppress the harmful bacteria, reducing the acne instantly.

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All the products and home remedies discussed above contain similar properties to help you fight acne at home. You do not have an excuse to keep visiting dermatologist any time acne pops up since you can get all those at home.