Can Vaseline get rid of acne?

We can all agree that Vaseline is one of the homestead brands that deliver value for money. People have been using this petroleum jelly for a smooth skin n the last century. Given that Vaseline is a petroleum product, this brings up the following questions, is it safe? Can Vaseline be used to get rid of acne? To answer these questions, we have to look at the following:

Is the petroleum used to make Vaseline safe?

Vaseline is safe to use, and unlike other petroleum products, it does not make a face moisturized. This property makes Vaseline the right choice for maintaining the skin pores.

Can Vaseline be used to manage acne?

 We have to look at the benefits of using Vaseline to answer these questions. The benefits include the following:

Locking in moisture

When you apply Vaseline to your skin, it becomes hard for the skin to lose its moisture. Similarly, when you use the petroleum jelly on a dry face, it penetrates the skin, it adds moisture. Vaseline is, therefore, the right choice for people who get dry skin after a short period. 

Using Vaseline for acne

Although Vaseline is considered safe to use on the face, it is deemed harmful in the management of acne. For people with hyperactive skin, applying Vaseline might lead to severe acne. This is why people with acne are discouraged from using it to manage their condition.

You cannot use Vaseline to manage sunburns. It can trigger a reaction on the skin, leading to inflammation and an outbreak of acne. If you must use it, you should ensure that you take some time before applying it.

Alternatives to Vaseline in the managing acne

Instead of using Vaseline to fight acne, you can use Facial Cleanser, BRAHSTON Face Wash, and Neutrogena Oil. These lotions and face washers contain vitamin C and E, which helps in managing acne.

Several studies carried out on these products have proven that they give minimal side effects.

From the description above, it is evident that Vaseline should not be used to manage acne. Instead of using it to control acne's severity, you should go for other alternatives that do not react with the skin. Consult also with a dermatologist to find out whether your skin is hypersensitive to petroleum jelly. Taking the above steps will help you to manage acne successfully.